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Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP) Technology Course
This course is designed to prepare viewers for the CWAP certification. 802.11 Access will provide a foundation for 802.11 communication that illustrates the transmission of frames such as authentication, association, as well as factors that may hinder performance. It also provides an understanding of the various wireless LAN architectures and their respective operation and performance. Wireless LAN Hardware provides an overview of wireless LAN Hardware that includes access points, wireless LAN controllers, radios, and the supporting components. It also covers the hardware required for performing wireless LAN troubleshooting and analysis. 802.11 Packet Analysis dives into the 802.11 packet structure. It provides an explanation the format of 802.11 frame as well as an understanding of how the frames apply to 802.11 operation. 802.11 Troubleshooting Methodology covers the methodology used for effective 802.11 troubleshooting. It covers the tools that are used in performing wireless analysis to uncover the root cause of common wireless network performance issues. RF Spectrum provides an understanding of 802.11 RF spectrum. It covers factors such as signal to noise ratio, channel utilization, interference, and noise floor. It also describes the hardware and software used to perform troubleshooting of the 802.11 RF Spectrum to isolate and address 802.11 RF spectrum tissues. Troubleshooting the Core Network provides an overview of the methodology used to troubleshoot common wired issues that occur on the core network. These issues includes DNS, DHCP, and quality of service factors that may affect performance. 802.11 Protocols dives into 802.11 protocol analysis. It describes the use of protocol analyzers and spectrum analyzers as well the hardware and software used to enable protocol analysis. It also covers the methodology used to determine root cause of wireless network issues that may occur on the network. 802.11 Best Known Practices covers some of the most common wireless LAN issues and best-known practices to address them. It provides an understanding of the most common approaches to solving configuration and performance issues.
Course Duration: 01hrs 42min
Steve Evans
Instructor: Steve Evans
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