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CCENT/CCNA R&S: Router/Switch Security
When preparing for Cisco’s CCENT and/or CCNA Routing-and-Switching Certifications, the sheer number of topics to be learned can feel overwhelming. Aside from everything contained under the categories of “routing” or “switching” there are also a myriad of topics that don’t fall neatly into either of these two categories. This course brings together all the topics that would fall under the classification of “Security” into a single video series for those studying for their CCENT or CCNA Routing-and-Switching exam. In this course you’ll learn about a wide variety of topics such as; Access-Lists (Standard and Extended, theory and configuration), Port-Security, several methods of securing the Cisco IOS CLI from unauthorized access, BPDUGuard, RootGuard, usage of the “log” and “log-input” keywords along with Access-Lists, TCP/UDP Small Servers (what they are, how they could be used in a network attack, how to disable them), Network address translation (NAT), and much more.
Course Duration: 6hrs 07min
Keith Bogart
Instructor: Keith Bogart
CCIE #4923
Course Introduction
Total Duration:
Router & Switch Security
Blocking Unauthorized Network Protocols
RootGuard & BPDUGuard
Total Duration:
Prevent Unauthorized Packet Forwarding
Using Access-Groups
Total Duration:
Monitoring & Modifying ACL Hit-Counts
End of Course

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