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CompTIA Cloud+
The CompTIA Cloud+ certification validates the knowledge required of IT practitioners working in cloud-computing environments. This course is delivered over the span of five days to equip you with the skills necessary to recognize standard cloud terminology as well as to implement, maintain, and deliver cloud technologies and infrastructures, including servers, networking, storage, and virtualization. Furthermore, you will learn about IT security and industry best-practices as they relate to cloud implementations and virtualization. It’s helpful for those taking this class to have experience in networking. A prior Network+ or Storage+ certification is helpful, but not required.
Course Duration: 21hrs 18min
Toby Skandier
Instructor: Toby Skandier
Cloud Concepts and Models
Course Introduction
Compare and Contrast Cloud Services
Summarize cloud characteristics and terms
Explain object storage concepts
Object Storage Concepts
Total Duration:
Explain the differences between hypervisor types
Given a scenario, perform virtual resource migration
Explain the benefits of virtualization in a cloud environment
Compare and contrast virtual components used to construct a cloud environment
Compare and contrast various storage technologies
Explain storage configuration concepts
Execute storage provisioning
Storage Provisioning
Total Duration:
Explain the importance of network optimization
Explain common hardware resources and features used to enable virtual environments
Resource Management
Given a scenario, implement and use proper resource monitoring techniques
Given a scenario, appropriately allocate physical (host) resources using best practices
Given a scenario, appropriately allocate virtual (guest) resources using best practices
Given a scenario, use appropriate tools for remote access
Explain network security concepts, tools, and best practices
Explain storage security concepts, methods, and best practices
Compare and contrast different encryption technologies and methods
Identify access control methods
Access Control Methods
Total Duration:
Given a scenario, use appropriate tools for remote access :: Part 2
Systems Management
Implement appropriate testing techniques when deploying cloud services
Business Continuity in the Cloud
Deploy solutions to meet availability requirements
End of Course

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