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CompTIA’s Network+ certification is a vendor-neutral, intermediate-level accreditation designed to test the competency of network technicians in supporting and configuring TCP/IP clients. The certified technician is knowledgeable in the areas of network design, cabling, hardware setup, configuration requirements, installation, and troubleshooting and support. This video course download contains over 26 hours of training and is designed to help you prepare for the Network+ exam. You will learn how to install, maintain, troubleshoot, and support a network. You will gain an understanding of and appreciation for various aspects of networking, such as the TCP/IP and OSI models, including the primary networking protocols and their position in the network-communications hierarchy. You will also build on your knowledge of network components and understand where they function in that hierarchy.
Course Duration: 26hrs 20min
Toby Skandier
Instructor: Toby Skandier
Networking Concepts
Network Installation and Configuration
Installation & Configuration
Network Media and Topologies
Wiring Distrubution
Network Management
Various Network Appliances
Network Appliances
Total Duration:
End of Course

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