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AWS Certified Big Data Specialty Certification
In this course, we'll dive deep into the AWS Big Data Specialty Certification's 6 domains (Collection, Storage, Processing, Analysis, Visualization, and Security), and the AWS Big Data Service offerings closely related to each domain. You'll learn what those services are, from an architectural standpoint when and where to use them, and how they fit together with other AWS services and 3rd party solutions like Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka in a data delivery chain/pipeline that is highly available, resilient, reliable, cost optimized, and secure on the AWS Cloud.
Course Duration: 05hrs 21min
Marvin Collier
Instructor: Marvin Collier
AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Assoc, AWS Certified SysOps Admin - Assoc & AWS Certified Big Data Specialty Certifications
Course Introduction
Total Duration:
Big Data Review
What Is Big Data?
Total Duration:
Data Visualization
End of Course

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