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Nexus Fabric Extenders (FEX)
Join the world’s most highly respected and experienced team of CCIE instructors for the most comprehensive Data Center v2 video training. This online course is taught by Brian McGahan, CCIEx4 #8593 (Routing & Switching, Data Center, Security, Service Provider), CCDE #2013::13 (Design). Follow along as Brian explains and demonstrates the technologies related to Cisco’s Nexus Switching - Fabric Extenders (FEX), and how it fits into Cisco’s modern Data Center v2 design. This course is part of the CCIE Data Center v2 Bundle.
Course Duration: 1hrs 40min
Brian McGahan
Instructor: Brian McGahan
CCIEx4 #8593, CCDE #2013::13
Cisco Integrated Management Controller
FEX Configuration
vPC and FEX Design Variations
End of Course

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