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Cisco CCIE Evolving Technologies
This course is designed to cover the new topics under the 'evolving technologies' part of the written blueprint on most of the new CCIE tracks. Being that this is across multiple tracks, this course is designed to cover the topics from the viewpoint of all the blueprints, not a particular track. For example, it will not cover SDN to the depth needed for the Data Center CCIE, however, it will be sufficient for Route Switch or Security. If your particular CCIE track covers these topics in greater depth, you will need additional training in addition to this course.
Course Duration: 01hrs 26min
Dave Smith
Instructor: Dave Smith
CCIEx2 #19125 (R&S, Data Center), VMWare VCP
Cisco CCIE Evolving Technologies
Course Introduction
Total Duration:
Internet of Things
End of Course

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