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Infrastructure Security
This module focuses on the Infrastructure Security part of the current CCIE Security v5 lab & written exam blueprints. It discusses various types of network attacks, mitigation techniques, and other related Control, Management and Data Plane security features. By completing this course, you will understand how to detect and mitigate common network attacks, such as IP Spoofing, DoS, DDoS, IP Fragmentation/Options/Extension Header attacks, Layer 2 attacks, IPv6 attacks, and more. This course will also teach you how to configure and verify certain IPv4 and IPv6 infrastructure security technologies, such as Control Plane Policing and Protection, Management Plane Protection, Secure Neighbor Discovery and Wireless Security.
Course Duration: 15hrs 20min
Piotr Kaluzny
Instructor: Piotr Kaluzny
CCIE Security (#25665), CCNP R&S/Security, CCNA R&S/Security
Instructor Introduction
Total Duration:
Securing Wireless Networks
End of Course

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