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Certified Wireless Design Professional (CWDP) Technology Course
Gathering requirements will educate you on wireless network design requirements gathering with respect to business and technical considerations. Designing for Verticals will provide design considerations for industry verticals such as medical, financial, or education. Wireless LAN architecture will provide an education on wireless network design to provide common security services across the network for wireless and wired users. 802.11 MAC Layer Design provides an explanation of the necessary physical and logical architecture components of the proposed wireless network. Site Survey considerations will provide an in depth overview of the different approaches when performing a wireless site survey. WLAN security requirements will provide an in depth overview of ensuring authentication, confidentiality, and integrity in wireless networks. Post Wi-Fi installation validation discusses the checklist to ensure that the newly installed wireless network meets the expectations that were agreed upon. Design documentation will provide an overview of the comprehensive documentation, which is a product of the proposed wireless network design.
Course Duration: 1hrs 57min
Steve Evans
Instructor: Steve Evans
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