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DevOps with Google Cloud Platform
DevOps is where any application starts. In today's increasingly competitive world, the agility to be able to try things out quickly and move on without incurring upfront costs or facing delays while procuring hardware and integrating into your on premises environment is key to being successful. Multiple, disposable, and replicable environments that are accessible around the globe are a must have for application lifecycle management. Configuration management tools that suits your environment, containers, and choice of development and continuous integration tools are just a few of the things that the modern developer expects to be at their disposal. Google Cloud Platform provides a cost effective platform that addresses these requirements and more for any development and test environment." Setting up a Continuous Integration pipeline is fast and efficient in Google Cloud Platform. This course will dive into the Google Cloud Platform tools such as Kubenetes Engines, Container Registry, Cloud Source Repository and other tools with a significant number of demos and whiteboards to enhance the learning about GCP DevOps and CI Pipelines.
Course Duration: 03hrs 57min
Joseph Holbrook
Instructor: Joseph Holbrook
Google Certified Architect, AWS Certified Pro, CCC Cloud Architect, EMC Proven Professional
Management of your DevOps Services
Infrastructure as Code
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