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CCIE R&S: Layer-2 Multicast
This course serves as a foundational course for learners wishing to start their journey into IP Multicast technology. We begin with a quick overview of how multicast differs from unicast and broadcast packet distribution as well as some use-case scenarios of when multicast technology can be useful for disseminating data (or voice, or video). After taking this course you’ll be able to recognize both IPv4 and IPv6 multicast addresses…as well as be able to translate these into their Layer-2 destination MAC address equivalents. You’ll learn about the purpose behind IPv4 IGMP and IPv6 MLDP, as well as dive into the differences of IGMPv1, v2, and v3, complete with packet traces and debugs. Discussions and lab demonstrations are also given for IGMP Snooping, MLDP Snooping, IGMP Filtering, and PIM Snooping.
Course Duration: 5hrs 31min
Keith Bogart
Instructor: Keith Bogart
CCIE #4923
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