JunOS Prep Series - Part 3 :: Routing Essentials

Topic: JUNOS Routing Policy

This last part of the JUNOS Prep Series will introduce you to how rou:ng works and specifically how it is configured in a JUNOS device. Besides actual rou:ng opera:ons, you will learn about protocol independent rou:ng as well as OSPF configura:on, the ini:al part of the course will help you get familiar with rou:ng decision processes and the configura:on of rou:ng virtualiza:on through the use of rou:ng instances. The second part of this course will deal with the use of rou:ng policies, both the default system policies and how they affect the way routers import and exports actual rou:ng informa:on, as well as custom policies you can create in order to affect the default router decisions to something more suitable to your company policy. The final part of this course will explain a rather versa:le tools in JUNOS, called firewall filters; you will learn to filter and restrict traffic using firewall filters but also how to use it for other more advanced func:ons such as QoS and an:-spoofing using Reverse Path Forwarding checks. Upon comple:on of this last course, if you have followed and prac:ced the en:re series you will be more than ready to take your JNCIA-JUNOS test