CCIE R&S: Introduction to QoS

Topic: Classification & Marking

The amount of traffic flowing across today’s networks is growing exponentially. While it would be ideal to periodically upgrade the network bandwidth when needed to prevent traffic congestion and drops, this isn’t always practically feasible, making QoS (Quality of Service) a mandatory requirement in all but the smallest networks. In this course you’ll be introduced to the basics of QoS terminology and features and we’ll then quickly scale up to intermediate concepts. Some of the topics to be covered are; Why do we need QoS, definitions of QoS terminology such as Classification, Marking, Congestion Management and Congestion Avoidance. With regards to Classification we’ll cover the topic from a Layer-2 perspective (CoS), Layer-3 (IP Precedence, DSCP) and higher (NBAR). You’ll learn about Queuing mechanisms like FIFO, WFQ, CBWFQ and LLQ. Other topics covered are WRED and WTD, Policing and Shaping.