How to use INE's Rack Rental system for CCNA and CCNP Preparation

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A tool is only useful if you understand its purpose, and how to use it effectively. Such is the case with INE’s Rack Rentals system. To prepare for any Cisco certification (from CCNA through CCIE) you will need many hours of hands-on lab time and our Rack Rentals system provides an opportunity for you to accomplish that without investing your own money in purchasing equipment. However, you may feel intimidated or confused about how to rent time in INE’s racks, and that is why this course was developed. Aimed primarily for CCNA candidates, this course will help you become comfortable with such issues as;<br> <br>· What are Rack Rental Tokens and where do you get them? <br>· How do you see if INE’s racks will be available when you need them? <br>· How does one schedule time on INEs racks? <br>· How do you manage existing configuration files for loading into your racks (either before, or during, a session)? <br>· How can you set the IOS devices in your racks back to a factory default setting? <br>· How do you access the equipment within your rack? <br> <br>…and many, many more topics. After watching this short collection of videos, you should have all of the resources you need to start practicing with our equipment during your CCNA (or NP or IE) preparation!